Cake Week

Week 1: Cake week! The Classic Swiss Roll

In the first available episode on Netflix’s Great British Baking Show, it is actually season 4 in the UK.  I’m still trying to find seasons 1-3 somewhere…YouTube, Hulu, BritBox….I’ll keep searching.

The first hurdle to jump in this challenge is to know all the UK and US measurements…and knowing how to properly convert from one to another.  For someone who has always done baking measurements with cups and spoons, it’s foreign to transition to using a scale to measure.  To translate to cups and spoons, I found this helpful web site, which has a long list of all the conversion measurements: 

HORRAY FOR SHORT CUTS!  Really I’m excited to learn what “gas mark” equivalents are.  Always made me nuts when they said, “Turn your ovens to gas mark 4.”  Like I have any idea what that means.  Now I know that it’s 350 degrees!

I do have this, which should make the conversion quite easy:

I can use this to verify weights and measures.  I think we originally bought this to weigh the cockatiel, but it really is a food scale.  But first I have to figure out how to use it.  Which means poking at buttons until I figure it out because the Man runs off with the manuals and hides them.  It’s a thing.  I’m used to it.

In any case, this season starts with Cake Week!  The first challenge put forth is a Swiss Roll.

A simple Swiss Roll recipe calls for… [found here: ]

23 x 33 cm Swiss Roll tin (9″ x 12″ pan)

A little vegetable oil for greasing (I used spray oil)
125g golden caster sugar plus extra to dust (which is a little more than 1/2 cup, but not quite 1/3)
125g plain flour plus extra to dust
3 large eggs (room temperature)
½ jar of strawberry or raspberry jam

That’s it!  Super easy!

However, there is some stuff I need to add to my shopping list:

  • Swiss Roll pan
  • Flour sifter

First, I measure out the ingredients…125 grams….I FEEL SO BRITISH ALREADY!

Turn oven on to 200 deg. C (400 F).

Spray oil the pan and line with parchment paper.

Then spray again and lightly dust with sugar and flour.


So, put the sugar and eggs into a bowl and whisk for 10 minutes, which should lighten the color and increase the volume by 3 times.

Gently fold in the sifted flour to avoid knocking out all the air that you’ve just whisked in (a bigger sifter would be really useful about now…adding that to the shopping list to pick up at the dollar store). I understand it keeps the batter from getting lumpy and prevents having to stir more, thus preventing that air from getting knocked out, so I dug around and found this little one in the drawer.  I think it’s actually for draining liquid out of canned veggies and fruits, but it did the trick.  It only holds a couple spoonfuls at a time and it’s pretty smashed up from being in the tool drawer, so it really does need to be replaced.

Pour the mixture into the pan and ease into corners with rubber scraper.  It’s thick, bubbly and sticky.

Bake 10-12 minutes.

Pull it out of the oven–it should be lightly browned on the top and smell eggy!  Like tamago….but fluffier from the flour.

Turn out of the pan onto a PIECE OF PARCHMENT PAPER SPRINKLED WITH SUGAR (clearly I used a towel, which the sponge stuck to a little…follow my directions, not this photo…), and trim off stiff edges.

…feed edges to skinny boy…

…and roll up while still warm.  Let it rest like that for a few minutes.

Then find a pint size jar of jam that was gifted to you by a very dear friend last Christmas!  (Thanks, Heide!)

Unroll the lovely sponge (note it’s on some parchment now!)

Smear that lovely jar of strawberry jam on it…

And roll it back up.  I should have rolled it a bit tighter, but the jam was oozing out everywhere.  Luckily, I had the parchment laying there!

Cut your self a nice, fat slice!

SIX OUT OF TEN?!  Skinny boy didn’t care for the jam so much–he just doesn’t like jam–but he liked the cake part.  He’s a tough critic…

He wants me to try to make the chocolate roulade tomorrow.  Til then!

PS. I got 8800 steps today.

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