Cake Week

Cake Week: Roulade Do-Over

I wasn’t happy with how the last chocolate roulade turned out. It was underbaked and fell apart. While tasters agreed the flavor was good, it really needed at least another 5 minutes in the oven. Although the end of Cake Week concluded with a tiny cakes challenge, I felt that perfecting this recipe would be better than making a bunch of tiny cakes.  It’s been a busy few days, so although it’s starting week 2, I figured that since I’m making the rules, I’m able to flex the time a bit and finish up the challenge.

Today I finally got a few hours to myself, so I decided to go ahead and make another one and check the timing on it. It could be differences in the oven or converting it from “gas mark 4” to Fahrenheit (180 C is actually 356 F), so adding another 7 minutes (total of 27 minutes at 350 F) to the cook time did the trick.

When it came out of the oven, it was fluffy…although lopsided.  My oven is a little slanted, so all my bakes end up lopsided.  I’m gonna have to fix that….

Like before, I let it cool completely before flipping it onto the counter on a piece of parchment paper.  I whipped up some more topping–about 1/2 pint instead of the full pint, and using a LOT less fluffy stuff inside made it roll up and come together much better.

I drizzled it with the caramel, just like before….

And rolled it up, gently folding over the edge and using the parchment paper to assist in the rolling.

And the final product:

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