Bread Week

Rye Bread, Take II

Well, the first run of the rye was not so great, so I’m trying again using flavors that I know and love, so I decided to throw in a tablespoon of dried rosemary, which I grew in my garden (I think…pretty sure).  Anyway, I’ve always loved rosemary bread, so I thought I’d try that.  I also kneeded the crap out of it to develop the gluten some more, upwards of 10 minutes between the machine and my own two hands, so I hope that works.  Then I made them into 12 rolls instead of one big loaf.

I let the dough rise in the big bowl, then transferred it onto a pan after dividing into 12 rolls.

Baked at 450 for 20 minutes (could have used another 5 minutes, or lower the temperature and bake for another 10 minutes).

They looked beautiful…crispy on the outside…and tastes great with butter and honey!

SkinnyBoyApproved.  This picture makes him look super skinny….

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