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Monkey Bread for the Monkey Boy

Who is the Monkey Boy?  Well, the one that was born in the year of the Monkey…just like his father!

Riding high on yesterday’s success, I decided to make the final “Showstopper” tear-and-share bread for my kids for dessert.  The hubby is working 2nd shift this week, so we can make whatever we want for dinner and make dessert without feeling bad about breaking his diet. 😉

The kids and I discussed it and decided that s’mores is probably the best flavor combination ever invented, so a s’mores tear and share it is!

Most Pinterest recipes start with “open a can of Pillsbury crescent rolls” and that’s not the point of this exercise, is it?  I found a recipe here that will get you started on the bread part necessary.  This author, Jamie, is a woman after my own heart….I might reach out to her to tell her that I accidentally started following in her footsteps, a year or two after she started.  Hers may have been a less structured challenge than mine, however.  (I also found another recipe here that is similar, but pointed out my flaws…more on that later.)

So I mixed up the ingredients and may have made a mistake by using a paddle rather than the dough hook; the dough seemed a little tough. Did I mix too aggressively?  Did I kneed too long?  I guess we’ll find out when the bread comes out of the oven.

I dunked the bread in butter, then rolled it in sugar and brown sugar, just as Jamie did, then layered the bread with the chocolate and marshmallows, instead of pecans.

Bake 25 minutes at 375.  At 25 minutes, I pulled it out and the dough was still raw in the middle.  Put it back for 10 more minutes.

The result:  the dough is a little dense, but edible.  Upon further reading on Sally’s Baking Addiction page, I must have over-kneeded it by using the stand mixer and not using a dough hook and then kneeding it for another 5 minutes after that.  Guess I’ll have to try it again later this week.

The skinny boy ate piece after piece….I think he’s OK with it.

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