Dessert Week

DESSERT WEEK! Self-Saucing Pudd

Oh, my…dessert week!

The first challenge:  Self-saucing pudding!  8 individually portioned self-saucing desserts.  You know those lava cakes?  That’s what they mean.  I’m excited about this–I’ve been wanting to make this for a couple years.

Paul recommends you keep your sponge nice and light so it’ll bake fast and keep the center liquidy.  Cook it too long, and you’ll have a solid center instead of melt-in-the-middle fondant; and the sponge must be strong enough to support the filling, or you’ll end up with split sides and it’ll run all over before the big reveal when you cut into it.

Contestants made things like:

Peanut butter center in a chocolate sponge with caramelized peanuts; pistachio puddings with chocolate sauce; caramel middle in a chocolate cakes with toasted almonds; raspberry compote in a dark chocolate with lime; black forest chocolate fondants; poached pears in cake (piped cake around whole pears); rhubarb, strawberry and orange sponges; mini sticky toffee puddings with treacle sauce; orange and lemon curd pots (where the sauce drops to the bottom and becomes a curd).  Not sure what all of these mean…but I’d like to try a couple of them this week.

I think I’d like to start with a traditional chocolate lava cake.  Then maybe I’ll try a black forest one–I love the combination of cherry and chocolate!  I’ll also have to make a chocolate-caramel option for the skinny boy, which is found here.  Oh, he’s gonna love that!  I found some caramel bits in a bag that I’m excited to try using.

The Masterclass show has Paul’s recipe, which seems like the easiest place to start.  I don’t have any ramekins, so I’ll have to try to use my muffin tin.  Hopefully it’s the right size.

Butter six of the muffin cup hole things and then dust with cocoa powder.  Refrigerate for an hour or so.  Correct that:  butter at least 12 muffin cups (I did six in each of two muffin trays like this one).  Looks like ramekins are 6 oz.; muffins are 3.5 oz.  (Look up ramekins on Google–they look pretty cheap.  Edit:  I found some at Michael’s for $2 each and had a 40% off coupon; bought 2 sets of 4 and paid about $14)

Melt together 165 g butter (that’s about a stick and a half) and 165 g chocolate in a double boiler–low heat.

Mix together 3 egg yolks and 3 whole eggs and 85 g sugar.  Whisk on high until it’s thick and foamy…it should still be runny.

Add melted chocolate to egg mix, slowly.  Fold it in gently.  Then gently mix in a couple tablespoons of flour (I forgot this and had to mix it in after I already poured them….ugh…hope this won’t affect the result).  Refrigerate at least 2 hours, but no more than 24.

Then bake at 180 C for 8 min. (350 deg F).  If they’re smooth, they’re good.  If they crack, they’re overcooked.  In fact, the middle should still look just a little underdone.

The first batch of 6 looked too underdone, so I gave it a few more minutes…flipped them out onto the plate…

…got ready to cut….

…and they were cooked through.  No oozing. 🙁  The center was still soft, but not runny.  It might be that I was using the muffin tins and not full-size ramekins, so there was a much smaller potential for runny goodness, so I’ll have to get some ramekins after all and try it again for Benjamin’s caramel surprise.

The second bake worked out much better.  I still overcooked it just a little, but there was an ooey-gooey middle.  SUCCESS!

No idea what to make for dinner.  You know what they say…. Life is uncertain!


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