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Sweet Cherry Piiiiiiiiie!! I mean, Tart!

So today’s tart is Cherry Custard!  I wanted to be sure I tried the custard again–to make sure making it wasn’t a fluke–to make some improvements on the crust, and add a favorite ingredient…cherries!  You may notice in upcoming months that there are a few combinations that get repeated, like chocolate and caramel, s’mores, Chai, and red fruits.  Others will be completely avoided, like pork (bacon anything), spicy peppers, and really expensive ingredients.  You may experiment any way you like, but there are some things I cannot eat…or afford.  We’re saving up for our anniversary trip later this year (or, as it turns out, probably next year), so I also have to be mindful of that when purchasing ingredients and equipment.

I got my new tart tins–they were sold in a 2-pack for $10 on Amazon.  They’re 8 1/2″ across, like most cake and pie tins, and I think I should have enough pastry to make two crusts.  Eventually, I may invest in a really large tart tin–one of those 12″ suckers–for a family-size tart, but for now, I’ve got the pair of standards.

I started the tart making as I have the others–mixed up the ingredients, using regular white sugar instead of the turbinado, and put them into a crust-rolling bag that I forgot I had!

I put the dough in the bag and put it in the fridge for about an hour to chill.

Then I rolled it as big as the bag itself, which made it quite a bit thinner than the previous tart attempt, and there was definitely enough to make two tart pastries.

I lined both tart tins, used beans and CHEESE CLOTH (oh, lesson learned) to weight them down–although now I think of it, parchment paper would have left fewer dents in the pastry…not that it really mattered since you can’t see it once you fill it.

Diced the cherries and put half into each pastry tin.

Made the custard, filled, baked…and I thought it was done enough to let cool to set.  Well, it was still just a bit runny, and I think that was due to the cherries being frozen.  I should have had them thaw completely on a paper towel before adding it to the tart.

So while the filling did slide a bit, it was still delicious.


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