Advanced Dough

Freeform Fruit Bread

This week’s next challenge in the advanced bread week is making a fruit bread without using a tin. This post will be light on photos because my laptop is suffering from some critical failure and is really hard to do everything from a tablet. Also, I forgot to take a lot of pictures.

I decided to try to make either Chelsea buns or a Swedish Tea Ring,, a kind of rolled fruit ring. Later I realized that with a couple small additional steps, it would have been a Christmas couronne.

Of course it’s been a few frustrating days with the laptop on the fritz and working on a couple other projects, so I’ve lost track of which recipe I used. I think it was

Once I made the dough, I rolled it out and smeared a jar of mincemeat on it. For those who are grossed out by meat in pie, this is actually just apples and raisins with orange peel and spices. No meat.

Then I rolled it up and joined the ends and put it on a baking tray to rise. Then I baked it until golden brown. It turned into not so much an O ring… more like a D ring.  I should have added a sugar drizzle but I didn’t. Delicious!

To make it a couronne, you slice it lengthwise and twist the strips together before joining the ends in a ring.

Tomorrow I want to try to make Paul Hollywood’s chocolate cherry bread (another free from fruit bread)  and I need to make cupcakes for an event. I’m just doing easy box cake and pre-made frosting. Nothing spectacular.

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