Advanced Dough

Chocolate Cherry Bread

Oh my. This is amazing!

Chocolate chips. White chocolate (vanilla) chips. Dark cherries. In bread.

Again, when it says strong flour, I just used all purpose. I should try it with bread flour and see if it makes any difference, but the high gluten flour I’ve gotten in the past makes great bricks and mortar, but not great bread.

Black cherries are hard to find, I discovered. I did find canned dark sweet cherries (Oregon brand) and I used just 1 can. After dumping out the juice, it came to about 270 g, quite a bit less than what the recipe calls for, but it was fine.

I forgot to take the pictures until the dough had risen once and I was ready to braid. The dough was very sticky and I felt like I needed to add quite a bit more flour at every stage to make it workable.

In the end I think I could have baked it just a few minutes longer, but I think it turned out really nice. Free form fruit bread success!

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