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Time to Make the Doughnuts

Skipping the povitica challenge for the moment–because it’s very similar to the Babka that I did earlier, and I’d like to do the recipe with hazelnuts instead of walnuts, but Safeway didn’t have any hazelnuts…I’m going to run to Winco and dig in their bulk bins.  I am moving on to the showstopper challange…doughnuts! I’ve been having a hard time getting the kids to eat the stuff I’m baking, but I know I can get them to eat doughnuts! Now if only I knew how to make maple frosting… my least favorite, but they prefer it.  I like maple syrup well enough, but I really don’t like the smell of maple bars.  Yuck.

Found a recipe here.  So far it looks easy and pulls together pretty well.

The first attempt at the yeast yielded disappointing results. I think all my packets of instant yeast are bad. They don’t expire until December, but they don’t froth like they’re supposed to.  I think I’ll write to the company to ask what’s up.

But I pulled out a jar of active dry yeast and put a few grams of that in the warmed milk and it got a powerful bubble on it.

Mixed in the other ingredients and let it prove on the counter.  It certainly did that!

I punched it down, rolled it out and cut out a bunch of circles, then put them on a tray to rise some more.  Unfortunately, I had to go out for a bit, so I put them in the fridge to chill, and when I got back, I put them back out on the counter to finish rising.  I hope I don’t over-prove them while I’m getting dinner on.

Finally got the donuts in the oil–which started off too hot.  The stove only needs to be on medium-low.  It over-cooked the outside and the inside was raw.  I turned it down and let it cool, but it was still too quick and the inside was still gooey.  I cut them in quarters and cooked them as donut holes, essentially, except not nice and round…more like wedges.  They fried up nicely!  Did you know that when round donuts are cooking, they turn themselves over?  Not so with flat donuts!

I melted some chocolate and painted it on…yum…

Then found the vanilla chips and shaved some onto the donuts.  Double yum!

I think I’d like to try this again and make up donut holes or tuck chocolate melties inside before the second rise.

Next up:  Baklava!


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