Victoria Sandwiches

OK, this is not a very successful attempt.  The recipe I was using was WRONG.  It said very clearly to prepare TWO swiss roll tins, then it had you make the batter and put it into the pan.  Singular–pan.  I missed that little detail but never did figure out what the second tin was for!  So, I cooked two thin pieces of cake.

I made the strawberry jam using regular sugar instead of “jam sugar”, which I had never heard of before.  Turns out it’s sugar with pectin already mixed in.  Luckily, I had some pectin laying about, so I added half the packet and it thickened up nicely.

The butter cream frosting that you put in the middle is a bit thick using the list of ingredients.  I’d probably add just a spoonful more milk to thin it out…or just use something else because it was sickeningly sweet.  Maybe a nice thick custard or thick whipped topping?

Anyway, just to keep things simple, I’m posting this moderate success.

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