The third and final challenge in the basics triple-challenge is scones.  I grabbed the recipe from BBC Food.  There are lots of ways you can customize this simple recipe by adding dried fruit or spices or adding jams and clotted cream.  Really is simple!

Mix flour, a pinch of salt and butter and crumble together.

Stir in the sugar and then add the milk and mix into a soft dough.  Flour your work surface and knead lightly.  Roll out to 3/4″ thick–mine were waaaaaay too thin, but they still turned out pretty good.  Use a 2″ cookie cutter–I still can’t find my small round cutter, so I used a 2″ square food storage container…so I have slightly square scones.  And the leftover dough, I just divided in two and squashed with my hands to make the last two (near right).

It’s interesting how they came out differently–which I didn’t photograph.  They ended up poofier….if that’s a word.  I ate the evidence.

Alternatively, you could divide the dough into 3 even-sized balls, squash it to about 3/4″ thick pancake, then and cut each into 4 triangles, like you do for the Fischer Fair Scones.

Brush with egg wash and bake for 12-15 minutes. (I also skipped this step.)

Serve with butter and jam.  YUM!

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