Bread Week · Season 2


Welcome to bread week!  The first challenge is making breadsticks!

This has been pretty fun since it’s NOT sweet.  Having a little bit of savory is nice.  I started with a Betty Crocker recipe here, which is easy and basic.  A good place to start.  This is a basic breadstick with olive oil and coarse salt–nothing really fancy.

I am going to try to use up the suspicious yeast packets this week, given that I’ve had hit-and-miss luck with them I thought I’d try it first just to see how it goes.  I’d hate to think I wasted a bunch of money buying discount yeast.   If it doesn’t foam and proof, I’ll just dump it and go for the jarred stuff.  Surprisingly, it foamed up nicely!

Made the dough, adding the salt, olive oil and flour, then kneaded it for about 5 minutes.

The next bit I didn’t photograph, but I rolled it up to a long rectangle, 10″ wide and about 15″ long.  I then cut the dough into approximately 1/2″ wide x 10″ long strips to make 30 breadsticks.  Each of those I gently stretched out to about 20″, then folded in half and twisted together.  I placed them on pans about 1″ apart.

Brushed with olive oil and covered in cling film and allowed to “rise” for 20 minutes.  They really didn’t get much rise on them at all.

Quickly brushed with egg white and sprinkled with coarse salt and 19 minutes in the oven.

The first batch got a bit overcooked.  They’re more twig-like than bread-like, so I think I’ll just pitch those.

The rest came out very nicely–about 20 successful bread sticks.  They have a nice snap and a great flavor.

Glenn did a rosemary and parmesan grissini, which is my favorite combination, and I’ll have to try that next.

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