Season 2 · Sweet Breads

Snail Buns

The next challenge–the showstopper for the sweet breads week–is European Sweet Buns.  They want two different varieties.  Most of the contestants made a brioche, which needs to be chilled and rise for 8-12 hours.  I am very keen to make a brioche, so I’m going to try that.  I also want to try to make schnecken…

What is schnecken?  Well, if you ask a German, he’d point to the gastropods in the garden…yes, schnecken means “snail”!  Essentially, they’re swirly cinnamon buns in a pan, that looks somewhat snail-like.  The kids gobble up cinnamon buns, so I figure it’s a safe bake.  There’s a recipe on Epicurious here, and BBC has one here.

I’d also like to try to make Skolebrød, or Norwegian “school buns”.  I found a recipe here, which sounds delicious.  It’s described as sweet buns spiced with cinnamon & cardamom, stuffed with a thick vanilla custard filling, and then glazed and sprinkled with coconut.

There are also sticky caramel kanelbullen, baumschnecken, kanelsnurrer, Kolaches, and St. Lucia Buns.  OH. MY…

So I used the BBC recipe for the schnecken, and ended up burning to a crisp, and there was still quite a bit of time left on the clock.

I started again a couple days later, heating the butter, milk and sugar, adding the yeast and letting it perk for 10 minutes, then adding salt and eggs, and mixing it in with the flour.  Pretty straight forward.  Then let it rise for a couple hours.


Mix up your sauce that will go into your 9 x 13 pan–butter, brown sugar and golden syrup.  Holy crap, that’s sweet!

After it’s all floofy, dump it onto a floured surface, and roll it out into a 12 x 15 rectangle.

Then pour a couple tablespoons of butter on it (or use very soft butter), and then put your filling on it.  I used dried bing cherries and semi-sweet chips.

Roll up your dough and slice into 12 equal size pieces.  Put the pieces, cut side up, into the sauce-filled pan.

Let rise for another 40 minutes.  Preheat the oven to 375 (heck, you could even go as low at 350) and bake it for 35-40 minutes.  The original recipe says 400 degrees, but that caused it to brown far too quickly.

The result:  it looks like it was cooked through–or nearly so.  Edible.  SUPER sweet….a whole one is too much for one person.  The skinny boy ate 3/4 of it but said he was on the fence about the cherries.

9/10 .  I’ll make it again, but maybe in a different flavor.


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