Finals · Season 2


Collection 2 Finalists are challenged with making a savory picnic pie with shortcrust pastry and an elaborate design inside…and by this, I guess they mean layers.  Since it’s a picnic pie, it needs to be presented out of the tin, so no external support and of course, no soggy bottoms!

Maybe a Thanksgiving feast in a pie?  Turkey, cranberries, green beans or peas, potatoes, stuffing, and topped with pastry.

Or maybe Taco Pie?  Beef, yellow cheese, black beans, spinach, tomatoes, corn, queso fresco/white cheese, and topped with pastry.  And topped with sour cream.

Given that I need to make dinner tomorrow night and I have most of these ingredients already here, I think this is the way I will go…Taco…Wednesday.

Pre-cooked beef, drained.  Layer all other ingredients and cook through for…what…an hour?

I made the taco pie but I couldn’t remember what all I wanted to put in there since I was tired, frustrated and only took one picture.  I put in taco meat, beans, a jalapeno, and cheese.  My fresh tomatoes were not looking very fresh anymore.  The sink was broken and leaking again.  And the kid wasn’t doing homework.

At least it was golden brown and flaky on the bottom.  The crust was delicious.

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