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Banana Bread Intermission

Before I can venture on to the finals in this series, I need to take a moment to use up some bananas.

I was cleaning off the counter and found a grocery sack that had 6 spotty bananas in it.  They’re perfect bread-making ripeness, but too ripe for anyone to eat right out of the peel…at least in this house.  My favorite addition to banana bread is chocolate chips.  Honestly, it’s heaven…if you’ve never done it, DO!

Recipe that I found is here and is reputed to be the best recipe out there.  We’ll see…

Easy enough to mix up…start with bananas and butter, cream together; then add dry stuff, eggs and vanilla.  Dump into a loaf tin…or since I doubled the recipe, two tins.

Bake 50 minutes to 1 hour.  Yum.

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