Cake Week

Madeira Cake

Skipping ahead…it’s Cake week for episode 1, series 3.  Great.  More cake.

I’m having a hard time selling cake to the family…they’re just not into it.  I might be industrious and make some cakes tomorrow to take to the school for the teacher’s lounge, finishing up season 2’s cake-a-palooza.  I knew that Lemon Madeira cake would be a big seller, at least with the middle kid.  She loves anything lemony.

I made the Madeira cake–which is easy enough–just a few ingredients in Mary Berry’s recipe here.

I lined the pan as the directions said, but the parchment on the edges kept squidging around due to the slightly angled sides of the pan.  I gave up and removed one of the sides.  In the end, it didn’t make any difference.

Since several of the last few cakes have been coming out overcooked and dry, I set the timer for about 10 minutes less than what it called for, and when I did the toothpick test, it came out clean.  I may have to check the *actual* temperature of the oven.  I took it out, let it cool for 15 minutes, then removed it from the pan to cool completely.

While it was cooking, I made candied lemon peel.  I’ve never made it before and I think I could have used less pith–it’s a bit chewy.


So to make it, you cut the peel into very thin strips, simmer it in sugar water for 45 minutes, then put it on a baking sheet with sugar sprinkled on it, and put it in the oven to dry out.

200 degrees for an hour.  Next time, I might just peel strips of the zest and leave most of the pith behind.

It didn’t seem to need a lot of decor on the top, according to the directions, but I thought a little glaze might be nice.  You can find a simple glaze here.

Topped with the candied lemon peel, and boom!  It’s lovely.  Dry, still, but lovely.

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