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Second Season Final-Final

The final Showstopper challenge for season 2:  a Three-Tiered Wedding Cake.

(Note:  this was written in mid-November.  I forgot to publish.)

My first thought, of course, is “WTF?  What am I going to do with a 3-tiered wedding cake?”  I don’t have a special occasion coming up that I could serve that many people that much cake at once!  (Although I did find out that my college roommate is going to be a grandma soon!  But she’s ordering a cake locally.)

Granted, Thanksgiving is coming up in a few days, but I’d have to transport it 300 miles in a HONDA.  And there’s already going to be so much food, I can’t imagine that 11 people are going to eat 3 tiers of cake after eating turkey and all the trimmings.  And my sister’s pies!  She’s makes amazing pies, you guys…I traditionally do the rolls for dinner (from scratch, of course!), but she’s got the corner on the holiday dessert market there.

Maybe I can make 3 tiers in a winter theme, but freeze them and bring them to different Christmas parties over the next few weeks.  But who am I kidding–I never go to Christmas parties; nobody I know has them anymore.  Hubby has a work party, but it’s at the factory in the middle of the day and I’m not allowed on the grounds (you need background checks and clearance due to secret proprietary stuff).  After some extensive thought, I decided I will take them to the school and leave them in the teachers’ lunch room–not stacked–with little paper signs on them:  “Happy Thanksgiving”, “Thank you for all you do!” and one that indicates the flavor (maybe the ingredients on the back).

I’ll have to bring in a stack of paper plates and plastic forks, too.

So that brings me to flavors:  Mocha–since it’s a fan favorite (not mine, but whatever).  Another one of them chocolate-peppermint flavor.  And maybe pumpkin spice (yuck…but people seem to have a bizarre obsession with it now).  If it were ME, I’d make lemon-poppyseed, chocolate with peppermint candies on top, and egg nog.  Maybe I’ll try making an egg nog cake for myself next week when I start Season three and they start right off with cake week.


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