Just One More Cake

I’ve skipped the walnut cake entirely.  No one would eat it if I did make it.  Not even me.  Why bother?  And I’ve made so many cakes lately, I just couldn’t.

The final bake in episode 1, season 3 is a chocolate cherry cake.  While I love a nice choco-cherry cake, no one else will eat it, so I’m just making a choco-choco cake.  I used this Taste of Home recipe again, but the timing on it is WAAAAAY off.  It says 25-30 minutes, but it’s been in there for 40 minutes and it’s still completely raw in the middle.  However, I discovered the real culprit…I got an oven temperature gauge and it appears that my oven is 25-30 degrees cooler than it’s supposed to be.  Hmmm.

So I baked it.  It looked beautiful when I pulled it out, but then it started to sink as it cooled, so it was clearly not done in the middle, but the edges were starting to burn.  Maybe I just need to divide the cake into 3 layers instead of 2?  The pans *were* pretty full.

So here’s the cake.  Ho hum.  I’ll probably eat three slices and then throw the rest away.


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