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Biscuits in a Biscuit Box

36 biscuits in a box made of biscuits…of course, this is cookies, not what Americans call “biscuits”, which are savory or only slightly sweet muffins, but not what Americans call “muffins”. English-to-English translation is so confusing.

So essentially, we’re looking at shortbread or gingerbread box filled with macarons (not to be confused with macaroons, which are a coconut cookie…totally different). I just found a fail-safe macaron recipe that was posted on Tasty (YouTube video dated from summer 2018)–someone posted the recipe to Facebook, which I then watched a few times, writing down the instructions and tips along the way. There’s some great advise about when to add the salt and vanilla, tapping the pan before resting, using room-temperature eggs, and more, and it tells you WHY and what it looks like if you don’t follow that plan. Great stuff! It’s the SCIENCE behind the bake!

My Mom has also been interested in making macarons–she mentioned it a couple months ago that she’s been looking at recipes. I should forward that video to her. Maybe I will challenge her to a macaron-off! (She replied–she just finished making a bunch of Russian Tea Cakes, so she’s kinda baked out at the moment.)

Since the food processor part of our blender is broken, I used the blender part, but it has the tall column of sharp rotating knives, so I thought it would work well enough. I blended together the powdered sugar and almond flour that I got at Winco. In retrospect, I should have gotten the Bob’s Red Mill Almond Flour since they take the dark skin off the almonds before grinding. My cookies turned out “freckled”. It still worked, mind you, but they looked odd.

Freckled macarons resting before baking. This develops a skin on the top of the cookie and helps give it the classic “foot”.

Followed all the steps and they turned out pretty good! I hoped that they would be a little taller, and I didn’t add enough food coloring to get a really nice pink out of it, because the directions cautioned you to not use too much food coloring–just a couple drops will do. Clearly it didn’t do enough.

I made a basic vanilla buttercream and filled the cookies. In the end, it didn’t seem like very many. 20 cookies per batch. I’ll have to make a double-batch next time.

I took them to a sewing day and they went over a treat. I think Lorenzia had 7 of them. I guess they were OK.

OK, so I didn’t get the biscuit box done…maybe I’ll make some shortbread today, along with a quick bread…and the skinny boy wants to make a pineapple upside down cake, which will take me back to my elementary school days.

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