Bread Week · Season 3

Quick! Bread!

Episode 3, Season 3…quick breads are the challenge! Any flavors or fillings, but it must be made on a flat pan–not in a tin. That kind of ruled out a few recipes that I found online, since they were mostly put into bread tins, like the cinnamon-sugar quick bread I found on…I might make that anyway, just because it sounds awesome.

I did find a traditional Irish Soda bread, which I think I might alter to have rosemary, garlic and parmesan, as well as an Italian Breakfast quick bread called Ciambella.

I had a test run yesterday, which turned out OK, but the oven got too hot…actually, I think the directions had me set the oven too high to begin with. Today I tried again with a lower temperature and it worked perfectly! I used grated Parmesan (from Costco) and fresh rosemary from my garden. The only thing it lacked was being brushed with olive oil and having some coarse salt sprinkled on prior to baking.

Sadly, I didn’t get many pictures before it was all eaten. Ah well.

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