Bread Week · Season 3 · Technical Challenge

Les Baguettes, s’il vous plait!

Another opportunity missed on photos…but it was only marginally successful, so I guess you didn’t miss much.

Using the Paul Hollywood no-fail recipe, I somehow…failed. Or at least had a number of frustrations in the process.

I opened a brand-new jar of yeast, so I know that was not an issue. I used all purpose flour (he uses “strong white bread flour”, so I think I’ll try the bread flour next time…not that I think it will make a difference, but I’ll try it). I probably could have let the machine run a few extra minutes, but I did knead it by hand for a few minutes, so I think that’s a wash. I let it rest and rise for twice as long as he recommends because it wasn’t rising enough…perhaps the kitchen or the countertop were too cool to allow for proper rising. I mean, it IS January and my counter is made of stone.

I popped it into the oven after giving it the second rise and used the steam to make it extra crunchy.

It didn’t rise as much as I would have liked, and I forgot to add the slashes, but it was delicious!

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