Pastry Week · Season 3

Frangipane Dreams

I know I’ve been away from the baking for a while–I’ve been working on my weaving for an Arts & Sciences event coming up at the end of June. I have a long list of historical woven bits to complete, so I pushed aside the baking. I decided to watch a little bit of the British Baking Show the other day, but instead of watching the “sugar free cake” episode–because I have no interest in baking it–and moved on to the Pastry week in “collection 3” on Netflix. Then suddenly had an urge to bake the next item–Frangipane Tarts!

I decided that since I didn’t know what it was supposed to look like or taste like, I’d go with the most basic one I could find. I went with this recipe. I didn’t have any raspberries, and I was concerned that fresh berries would bleed into the tart, but I did have several baggies of dried berries. I decided to go with dried cherries, and I wasn’t disappointed.

After I mixed it all up, I was thinking, this looks like a pale mud pie. What the…?
Cherry Frangipane…hot out of the oven
Cherry Frangipane Tart with White Chocolate Drizzle