Pastry Week · Season 3 · Technical Challenge

F*** The Flaounas

Yes, I said it. I just watched the next part of the pastry technical challenge and I say, NO. It calls for two kinds of cheese that are difficult to find in the US and two mystery seasonings that will cost an additional $20-30 just to TRY this recipe. And it has raisins…

Fans of the show posted a whole lot of comments about this episode when it first aired, asking how some OBSCURE pastry from Greece with spices they’ve never heard of could possibly fall under the “Technical Challenge” heading? The first couple of seasons, the challenges included “make scones” or “make a Victoria Sponge.” Basics. This…is bizarre.

Screw it. It’s pastry week. And it contains cheese. If I want a cheesy pastry, it’s gonna be a Cheese Danish!

I’ve actually always wanted to learn how to make them and they’re DELICIOUS! I’m going with a side-stepped challenge.

I found a recipe on a web site, which would be a jumping-off point for this next challenge. Unfortunately, it’s a selfish-greedy-bastard of a web site that wants you to pay to see the recipes (I think it’s part of a newspaper or something…I don’t know), so I found another recipe here. This lady gets it. she and I had both found several “take a can of crescent rolls” recipes…gross! NO! She walks you through it–start to finish. Although I’ll probably just borrow bits of what she’s doing and make the puff pastry as I always do. I DO like the braid thing she does…maybe I’ll make two danish things; put cheese in one and jam in another.

Butter bashing…waxed paper is too brittle for serious aggression beatings.

I made the puff pastry–easy enough to do with a few minutes of effort here and there, followed by 20-30 minutes in the fridge. There’s a lot of waiting around for the next thing. I used strong flour this time, rather than just all-purpose, so we’ll see how that works out.

Cut the puff pastry into squares and then rolled them out a bit more.

The directions on the LittleHouse blog makes a yeasted bread–not puff pastry–and I’m making the individual pastries rather than one big log. Either way, the baking time is waaaaay off. She says 15-18 minutes and mine’s been in there for 30 minutes at least and they’re just starting to brown.

Not sure if it was the strong flour, but the things didn’t want to stay folded.
Thought they might be a bit over-baked due to the excessive browning on the top.