Cake Week · Technical Challenge · The Beginnings (Season 2 BBC)

Baba BOOM!

Next episode in Cake Week: The Beginnings was Paul Hollywood’s Rum Baba. This is some kind of 70s throwback that I had never heard of, but it sounded good, so let’s go.

The recipe is found here, on the BBC web site. Easy enough to follow and it has some American translations for temp and weights. Awesome! I’ve gotten so used to weighing everything out, though, that I went with that for most of it.

Goopy, sticky fun!

They warn you in the show that it’s a very wet dough, and oh, dear Lord, is it ever! I thought I’d try to work it in the electric mixer instead of getting goopy hands, but the dough hook doesn’t reach all the way down to the bottom of the bowl to get all the flour, and in the end it just wasn’t enough dough to make the mixer work well. I poured/scraped it out onto the counter and used the dough scraper and my left hand to work the dough for 10 minutes.

Then rested for an hour to allow to rise, and pipe the dough into buttered and sugared baba tins (savarin moulds). I happened to pick these up at Ross a few months ago, thinking they’d be great mini bundt cake tins. I’m glad I finally got use of them! Let them rise again and then bake for 22 minutes at 350.

They turned out really nice! I let them cool, then carefully popped them out of the molds, which actually went very smoothly. Maybe because I *heavily* sugared the tins, having seen the contestants struggle with this.

I made the syrup, but instead of adding rum, I just added a splash of vanilla. Getting the kids to eat my desserts at all is a struggle, and adding alcohol to it would increase the chance that it would be rejected after one bite. I attempted to soak the cake in the liquid, but there was just too much of it. The cake was plenty moist, though…no worries about that.

Voila! Baba, baby!

Added the whippy stuff (chantilly cream) and fresh berries. BOOM!

This was damn delicious. 10/10…would make it again. I’d probably not soak it, fill it with custard and drizzle some chocolate on top.