Cake Week · Technical Challenge · The Beginnings (Season 2 BBC)

Bog Body Loaf

The third challenge in cake week is a hidden design in a cake. Contestants did flowers, crowns, cupcakes, a bird and a nose, and many other great ideas.

A long time ago, I bought a checkerboard cake kit from Pampered Chef. I’ve made a few cakes with that (with varying results) so I thought I’d try something a little different–more charming, I guess.

I did a Google search and found someone had done a pound cake with a hidden flower. Their directions include using THREE box pound cakes and that seemed excessive. I had two boxes of pound cake in the pantry, so although I prefer to use from-scratch recipes, I just felt like taking a shortcut this time.

I baked the first cake using cocoa powder and gingerbread spices that I mixed up myself (look at that strata! That’s like a very sexy archaeological dig there!). It’s ginger, cinnamon, allspice (2 tbsp each), nutmeg, and cloves (1 tbsp each). I halved this recipe and put it in a shaker and dumped a bunch into the cake mix. I didn’t measure; it was maybe a tablespoon of the mix. Same with the cocoa powder–just added a bit at a time until it was fairly dark. Sorry I can’t be more precise.

After that was cooked, I pulled it out of the oven and let it cool. I popped it out of the pan about an hour later to let it cool completely.

When it was cool, I carved off the ends (the heels of the bread). Makers of the flower loaf cut several 1″ slices and cut out several flowers. I wondered if that would open up a lot of gaps for the batter to go into, so I only cut three thick slices. I used the Gingerbread Man (Bocksten Man) cookie cutter to carve through the piece to create a big, fat chunks, though I had to carve away bits to get a hold of the head and foot to leverage the cutter through. It worked, though.

Once those pieces were cut, I mixed up the other pound cake, put a little in the bottom of the pan, then laid down the bog bodies sideways. They were too tall to stand up, so I figured sideways would work well enough.

I poured the rest of the pound cake into the pan–carefully so as to not break off arms and legs and get the batter around all the nooks and crannies. Baked for another 55 minutes and pulled out to cool completely.

It looked really amazing!

Cutting into the loaf, I discovered that the bog body floated to the surface, like they do…but it’s delicious.

He even revealed that he had a heart…or a stomach…not sure.