Bread Week · The Beginnings (Season 2 BBC)

Fluffy Flatbreads of the Mediterranean

So the flatbread challenge had two parts–one with yeast and one without. I did the without yeast last time, and had to wait until I had a large enough window of time to make the with yeast…today I had no big plans (just a trip to the chiropractor) and the weather has been overcast and dreary all day–perfect bread baking weather!

I found a recipe here that seemed simple enough. You can skip over the little story, but it is kinda funny–her hubby tried to make the bread and after mis-reading the directions, ended up with four times as much flatbreads as needed. Luckily, they freeze well.

Once you mix it up, kneed it for a bit. Weirdly, my dough seemed really dry…I may have mis-measured the flour…is this a sign or a curse of this recipe? I added a bit more water until the dough seemed normal and pliable. Drop it in a bowl and let it rise for an hour.

Once it doubles in size, break up the dough into 16 equal size lumps, and roll into a ball. Set aside to rest for a few minutes under a towel. Really, once you get all of them into balls, you can start processing them right away…just pick up the first ball you made, and voom!

Roll the balls out to about 6″ circles. Pick up and turn, flip and roll more to make sure they’re even and round.

Get out your cast iron pan and drizzle a little olive oil in it. You don’t want it screaming-hot…

…even though the recipe calls for “high heat” to cook the bread and to keep it in the pan for 2 to 3 minutes on each side. Uh….that gives you very dark spots very quickly, which makes it look more like a tortilla and can make it too crisp.

Tortilla Gorda

The rest of the flatbreads turned out lighter in color after I turned down the temp to med-low. This looks MUCH better!

Low light in my kitchen…sorry.

Now all it needs is some Mediterranean food to roll into it. Gyros, anyone?