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Traditional Treacle Tart

It took two attempts to make this tart, and I gotta tell ya, I’m not a fan.

It’s a very easy tart to make and has only a few ingredients. Make the crust, heat the golden syrup (honey + molasses), and stir in the breadcrumbs (yes–BREADCRUMBS) and a splash of lemon juice. Pour into tart crust, and bake.

The first time around, I mis-timed the baking part and had to leave to pick up the kids. I turned off the oven thinking it would finish baking and it would be fine. Unfortunately, the kids stayed late after school–I forgot it was a club day–so by the time I got home, the thing was hard as a brick. A friend suggested that I keep it as a holiday decoration. Maybe I can glue some silk leaves and plastic berries on it?

It only *looks* edible…

Last night I baked a better one, using the leftover crust from the Tarte Tatin. I mixed up the innards and poured it in. I put on a simple lattice rather than a woven one and baked it.

I tried a slice.

It’s got a perfect bake underneath, even though it got a little over-cooked on the edges.

The only thing is, treacle tart isn’t that good. I’ve heard Mary Berry say things like, “That’s a nice tart…” and describe other things as “claggy”. This is pretty claggy. It might be improved by ice cream or lots of whipping cream, but overall, I think it tastes like sadness and WWII rationing nostalgia. No eggs, no butter or sugar (except in the crust), no fruit or nuts…it’s just weird.

1/5 stars. Will not make again.