Dessert Week · The Beginnings (Season 2 BBC)

A Holiday Torte

This is one of my favorite times of year. Is it the thankfulness? The gifts? Evergreens & sleigh bells?

No…it’s the egg nog.

I’m terribly disappointed that egg nog isn’t available year-round. As soon as I see it in the store, I buy a carton and I get to enjoy the whole dang thing–because only one other person in the house likes it.

So when I had a chance to make a torte with flavors of my choice, of course, I had to go EGG NOG!

Again, it was a couple weeks ago when I made this, I lost the link for the recipes I used, and no one is reading this anyway…so I’ll just say that the cake was wonderful, the buttercream frosting was very noggy, and my bestie and I ate about half of it over the next few days.