Pastry Week · Showstopper · The Beginnings (Season 2 BBC)

Jam Custard Tart

Wow…it’s taken me six weeks to get through one episode. I’ve had a few things going on here…

The last item on the list is a showstopper tart; a large designer fruit tart. I’ve chosen a jam custard tart.

I found a recipe here…another blog that actually has the recipe at the TOP of the post, instead of 28 paragraphs down after a long description of a person’s childhood, struggles with finding time with children underfoot, learning to bake at Granny’s knee. Blah, blah, blah…I don’t care. Gimmie the recipe.

It’s been so long since I started this blog post and since I made the thing, I’m just gonna post the picture and call it a day. It was good, though I could have added more vanilla flavor or something. The jam was some that I made last summer but it didn’t set right, so I tried adding more pectin and boiling it some more–it still didn’t thicken. I probably should have tried adding corn starch as a last resort, but I hoped that it would be thick enough with the pectin. It wasn’t.

It still tasted good. 😀