Bread Challenge 2020

Watching the British Baking Show has inspired me for this year’s Challenge. One of the competitors was doing a Breads of the World challenge–he had gotten some 90 out of 120 or so. I’m not sure I need to do that many, but I’d love to try a bunch of different breads this year. I will, of course, keep working–more slowly this year–through the rest of the British Baking series.

I guess what I need to do is come up with a list of breads, then work my way through it. Time to research!

But to begin, I’m making an easy yeast bread. Straightforward white. https://gatherforbread.com/easy-perfect-yeast-bread/

I think I put it in the oven too soon while it was still preheating–the directions were not clear about that–and it got overcooked on the outside, but perfect in the middle.