Biscuits · Season 3 · Showstopper

Biscuits in a Biscuit Box

36 biscuits in a box made of biscuits…of course, this is cookies, not what Americans call “biscuits”, which are savory or only slightly sweet muffins, but not what Americans call “muffins”. English-to-English translation is so confusing. So essentially, we’re looking at shortbread or gingerbread box filled with macarons (not to be confused with macaroons, which… Continue reading Biscuits in a Biscuit Box

Patisserie · Showstopper

Entremets Fit For A French Bakery

This final challenge is supposed to be a test of skills, combining texture, flavor, and techniques.  Contestants were using different kinds of cake–Jaconde, Dacquoise, Genoese–adding layers of mousses and jellies and glazes.  Sometimes 6 different flavors at once…seemed a bit excessive, but this was the semi-finals and you gotta pull out all the stops to… Continue reading Entremets Fit For A French Bakery